I believe

In belief

We are built to believe

We can not not believe

Or at least I believe that


I don’t believe in anything in particular myself

Like in a certain religion

(though even an atheist believes…)

Or certain politics

(though, who in their right mind believe in politics? (or at least politicians?? (that’s just not right you know…)))

I believe those things miss the mark


The belief I believe in

Is what makes you heal

Is what makes you grow

Is what makes you continue


In spite of your better knowledge

In spite of all odds

Belief is what drives us


We give tribute to different entities

I believe there’s nothing wrong with that

You are not right or wrong in this

Or so I’d rather believe


What I mean is…



And you will move mountains


And the mountain will come to you


And be the mountain


If that is what you want to believe


We are meant to believe

It’s some kind of master code

In the program of our life


Meant to save energy

Save sanity

Save humanity



So believe

In what makes you humble


In what makes you strong


Don’t however

Fight others beliefs

There’s nothing but pain down that road

Many have walked there

But honestly…

I believe

It’s in vain


I believe

It’s a road to nowhere

Road to nowhere

Road to nowhere

The words of Bukowski

In a great musical piece from Fanu.

A Finnish guy that does incredibly good music, if you like chilled breaks and such, like me…

(He have quite a broad range of styles that he blends skillfully in a unique way. Do check him out in full, on his own site.)

The Genius of the Crowd

Maybe you prefer the original:

To me these words describe an important part of my world view, although I have some other sides to me also…

Can’t be all cynical and gloomy, now can we? 😉

Words are not enough

Some things can not be said


Does it ever occur?








Sure something transpires

But is it true communication?

What is true communication?


You hearing what I mean

Me seeing what you say.


Some things just doesn’t translate

Does not survive the leap from my mouth to your ears

Sometime I wonder if anything translates


In a way

We are all alone

Entwined behind our filtering of the world

Based on the unique circumstances in our own life


Forever alone, walking a lonely road

But at least we are all alone – together


I know you want to protest…

You have reached others

Maybe I reach you… through some of my words


Maybe I simply can’t put these words, so you understand what I mean…

(Then again maybe you are right, in some respect…)


Leading nowhere

A lonely road


I do however believe

We’re all connected by the roots


What I think, really is going on

Is something much more like music


My feelings, my thoughts

Resonate with you

Not by direct contact, but indirectly


Not like you strike the key to my piano

But like a piano, can start to hum

If another instrument strikes the right tone


Like I’m a sounding board to you

And you to me


You see…

Even if we don’t truly meet, out there


In here

In our hearts

Our resonating chambers

Strikes a chord

Through space and time

Perfect imperfections

Nature is the artist.


Regarding many humans strive for perfection, nature is also the best teacher…

Nothing is ever out of order in nature. Nothing is straight in line either. It’s dynamically and forever, changing and shifting.

There’s great wisdom in natures ways.

Nothing is wasted, yet no expence is spared, when at the right time and moment…

Nature always work with a sound economy. Margins of error are always at play.

Perfection is a dead concept, and if I may say so, a very human concept… Imperfections is all around us in nature. The final evidence if you feel the need for such, must be the human nature. ^_^

The good dream

I’ll tell you about favourite kind of dream.

I’m usually stressing around in the dream world. Chasing or being chased by some unseen force. Not really knowing why. Forever striving towards an elusive end. And if I would meet my opponent or face off with some kind of monstrous force, I will find myself realizing the horrible truth: I can’t fight this. All my physical and mental powers leaving me, as I try to put up a fight for my life…

Soon there

Soon there

But no…

I’m thinking of a different kind of dream.

It’s some kind of shift that goes on, as if I’m leaving the ordinary dreamscapes. It’s hard to grasp or describe.

I usually get distracted or surprised somehow, I stumble, fall, expecting to fall hard and hit the ground.


In the last moment before I hit the ground, already feeling a metallic taste in my mouth from the expected impact. Then, I forget how to fall.

You know. Like Arthur Dent in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Like being distracted at just the right moment, so you fail to hit the ground…



At first I’m surprised and amazed at what happened. Then I realize… I’m dreaming. This is not real… And as I swirl around, flying around the place, I’m experiencing full on euphoria. The feeling is fantastic. I’m so alive. It feels so real. Lucid dreaming. After a while I land again. But then I know exactly what to do. I throw myself at it again. Hurling my body towards the ground. Sometimes when standing on a building but most of the times, just from where I stand on the ground. I find immense joy from doing this over and over again. 

That’s my good dream, that I just love having.

Sometimes when I wake, during this ecstatic endeavour… Sometimes, but not always, I can drift away into sleep again, and still be in the same mode. Fit for fight, or rather fit for flight. The feeling of freedom, when flying like this is hard to describe.

I hope you have similar dreams sometimes.



Sal / Not Sal